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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Support In Love: Aiding the Seal Beach Victims

I had the honor in contributing to this wonderful charity collab to help aid the victims of Seal Beach, CA. fromPenny, caged bird designs, New E Designz, Miss Mis Designs, Lacey Bittner Designs, and Teresa Digi Designs all came together for this wonderful cause! 

Image is linked:

Included are these beautiful watercolor papers and plastic/acrylic styles:

Here is the press release about the incident:
“Seal Beach Victims’ Fund” Established To Support Families of Seal Beach Shootings Victims of Salon Meritage

The City of Seal Beach, the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce and Watson & Associates (shopping center owner at site of the incident) announced the establishment of a fund to benefit the families of the victims of the shooting which took place in Seal Beach on Oct. 12, 2011.

"This tragedy has touched the community of Seal Beach in many ways, one of which is the outpouring of sympathy and support for the families of the victims of this senseless act of violence," commented Gary Miller, mayor pro tem of the city of Seal Beach. "I'm pleased to announce that the city and the business community have come together to establish a fund which will benefit the immediate families of the victims of this crime," he said.

The key focus of the fund is to be used for the benefit of the victims and their immediate family members. It is the intent of the fund and the organizational leaders to be transparent and supportive to all of those who may wish to contribute. The “Seal Beach Victims’ Fund” account is being established at the Bank of America, at 208 Main Street, Seal Beach. Donations may be mailed or delivered to the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce or the Bank of America with checks made payable to the “Seal Beach Victims’ Fund”; credit cards will also be accepted. Additionally, those wishing to host a fundraiser, special event or related activity are encouraged to do so in coordination with the Chamber of Commerce which is functioning as a clearinghouse for all such events. 

Nat Ferguson, president of the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce, said, "I'm so proud of how this community has united in the face of such a tragedy." He added, "This fund provides yet another way for the community to help the immediate families who are also victims." The Seal Beach Police Department strongly urges anyone who wishes to make a donation to the victims of the tragedy to evaluate the source of the person or entity who is soliciting the donation. As there are many who may use the tragedy for fraudulent purposes, please check the validity of the donation source. The “Seal Beach Victims’ Fund” is endorsed and supported by the City, Chamber and Watson & Associates.

You can help, by purchasing this collab for only $1 today! It's an incredible deal and it is for a good cause! 

Head on over to Scrapable and grab this beauty up and feel good about it! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sun Will Shine!

A group of 32 designers have come together to create the charity collab The Sun Will Shine! All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help aid in those in the United States that have been affected by floods and tornado's.

We had quite a few storms and tornado's this year, one hit very close to home for me, Joplin, MO is about an hour from where I live. My mother in law and I went and volunteered and even months later volunteers are still needed! If you can't send money, purchase this kit, etc. you CAN use your hands and a smile to volunteer for any help needed!

 You can find The Sun Will Shine for sale at Digiridoo Scraps for $10! Here is what you will get...

$10 to help aid victims of flood and tornado's will get you 96 papers, 116 elements, 19 word arts, 4 templates, and one set of glitter styles! You can't beat that! Take a closer look, help out any way you can!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Help those in Japan!

We all remember the horrible earthquake that went through Japan and of course Japan is still feeling the disaster, this is where we come in! We have had a few disasters in the US since this also, but let's reach out and help out overseas, they will need it for a while to come! I am featuring just a few of the digital kits out there for Japan, you can find plenty, these are my favorite. :) Before I show you those, you can also donate through other organizations  which I have listed below. Now on to the kits!

Japanese Red Cross

American Red Cross

donate via

donate via Paypal

Now on to the kits!

First is thinking of you avaliable at Memory Scraps

Here is there description of the charity kit:
thinking of you... -charity collab kit- for Japan quake
46papers + 65elements 300dpi


Designers of Mscraps cooperated for an earthquake disaster in Japan, and a very beautiful kit was completed.
This kit name named it from the place to think who somebody was when.

The sales of this product are contributed
for Japan quake 3.11 through the Red Cross.





The next kit is S.A.K.U.R.A. by Yoshiko Designs avaliable at Memory Scraps

Here is there description of the charity kit:
S.A.K.U.R.A. -for Japan quake 3.11- by Yoshiko designs
14papers + 23elements 300dpi
Sakura means Cherry blossom...

Before the wonder of the Nature, we people are powerless.
Therefore it is necessary we cooperate, and to help each other.

The sales of this product are contributed
for Japan quake 3.11 through the Red Cross.


This beautiful layout was made using S.A.K.U.R.A:


You can also purchase the coordinating [LOVE] QP's with the proceeds also going to the Red Cross of Japan.


The last kit is Japan: Charity Kit avaliable at theStudio

Here is there description of the charity kit:
Shocked at the current devastation and heartache in Japan theStudio Designers have collaborated to bring this Charity Kit together. All funds from this kit will benefit those suffering from the Earthquake and Tsunami in this proud country.  100% of monies earned by the sale of this kit goes to Samaritan's Purse specifically earmarked forJapan Relief.
The low price is intended to spur sales and increase donations.  Please share this with your friends, twitter/tweet, facebook.  We apologize but we are not able to issue tax donation receipts.
This kit is donated via the much appreciate talents of:Aimee Harrison Design Studios Ambowife Designs, BooLand Designs, eqrAveziur Designs,DarleneHDeli Scraps by Min, Digilicious Designs, Julie C., Let Me ScrapbookLinda Cumberland, Monika Designs, Nibbles Skribbles, Piggy Scraps DesignShelly Marie Scraps, SKrapper DigitalsSnips and Snails Designs and Susan Godfrey Designs
This kit contains:  77 papers and 160 gorgeous elements  



All of these kits can be purchased for $5.00, that is a small investment for us, but such a huge impact on those who were affected by this disaster. Even if you can't donate, we can always Pray for Japan! Thanks for looking!